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Ethnographic research tour 2023

by | Apr 26, 2023

Forty members of the Regös group, including adult leaders and chaperones, are currently preparing for the tour by researching the villages and folk customs of the regions they will be visiting, so that they may more fully understand and appreciate what they will experience. Departing from Cleveland in mid-June, they will spend eight days in Hungary (in Budapest and the regions of the Palóc people), and thirteen days in Romania (in Erdély, Gyimes and Moldva). While there they will live in the villages and learn songs and skills, hear stories from the peasants themselves, and conduct ethnographic research in the birthplace of Hungarian traditions. Our Regös youth will return with folk treasures in their suitcases, new folk dances and traditions in their repertoire, and a rekindled love of their ancestral homeland in their hearts; a love that can be nurtured most perfectly by personal contact with the people of their heritage.

As you can certainly appreciate, such an ambitious undertaking will require creative fundraising efforts on the part of the Regös group. The anticipated cost of the tour, not including the airfare which will be paid by the individual families, is $40,000. Having already raised a significant portion of this cost, we are turning our attention to several exciting fundraising events in the next few months. We would also, however, like to give you the opportunity to partner with us in making this historic tour possible. Inasmuch as you value your own Hungarian heritage, and the preservation of cultural and ethnic traditions, won’t you join hands with the Regös youth by supporting them as they build their own appreciation for their heritage? Please consider offering a tax-deductible gift today to help the Regös group immerse themselves into the roots of their folk culture, so they can continue their excellent work right here in your own backyard. In the name of each member of the Regös group, thank you in advance for your generosity.

Checks made out to “Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble” can be sent to the address 136 Logan Street, Bedford, OH 44146; you can also donate via Venmo (@regos_penztar) and using “Donate” button on this websie, too.


Eszti Pigniczky,
Research Tour Director, Hungarian Scout Leader


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