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2016 korut logoWe are excited to announce that the Cleveland Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble is preparing to tour Hungary and the regions of Serbia and Romania known respectively as Délvidék and Erdély this upcoming summer. The Ensemble is comprised of greater Cleveland’s finest Hungarian boy- and girl- scout leaders dedicated to the research, study, and preservation of Hungary’s rich folk traditions. It is in keeping with these ideals that the Ensemble will travel to the birthplace of Hungarian folk customs.

While the tour will certainly provide the Ensemble with opportunities to dance (which is its passion), the focus of the trip is to gather ever more authentic traditional folk material to incorporate into its repertoire for future performances. These goals, once attained, will ensure the continuation of the Ensemble for future generations of Cleveland’s Hungarian youth. This group represents the future of Hungarian culture in the Cleveland area.

Thirty-two members of the Ensemble, including twenty-five fifteen to twenty years old, and seven adult leaders and chaperones, are currently preparing for the tour. Departing from Cleveland by June 29th , they will arrive in Budapest on June 30th and spend ten days in Hungary, and eleven days in Serbia and Romania. While there, they will live in the villages and learn songs and skills, hear stories from the villagers themselves, and conduct ethnographic research. Our young Ensemble members will return with folk treasures in their suitcases, new folk dances and traditions in their repertoire, and a love of their ancestral homeland in their hearts; a love that can be nurtured most perfectly by personal contact with the people of their heritage.

In order to take greater advantage of the opportunities available through traveling, the Ensemble members are currently preparing and giving presentations on a variety of topics, including architectural styles; overviews of regions including Palóc; features of a village home; how to properly address and politely converse with adult native Hungarians; current political structure and leaders of Hungary; and basics for international travel.

The basic travel agenda is as follows, but is subject to change.

June 30: Meet at Ferenc Liszt International Airport, and board buses to Kazár. Tour the village.
In Kazár: Dance workshops; research with different members of the village; learning folk crafts; learning how to properly don folk costumes from the region; day trips to Recsk, Balassagyarmat, Salgótarján, mining-museum, Eger, Demjén; a traditional „disznóvágás” or pig slaughter, complete with the subsequent feast.
July 10: Travel to Szeged. Visit Votive Church of Szeged, paprika museum, folk museum.
July 11: Délvidék: Horgos, Szabadka, Kupuszina, Doroszló, Gombos, Oromhegyes, Zenta, Ada
July 14: Erdély: Nákófalva, Arad, Torockó
July 16: Szék
July 18: Kalotaszentkirály
July 20: Return to Budapest overnight
July 21: Tearfully depart Hungary

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